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Stockton, California Business Law Attorney

Trusted business ally

If you are planning to start your own business in California, or if you want to expand your current business, an experienced and knowledgeable business law attorney can help expedite the process and ensure your success. I assist individuals and businesses of all sizes with a full range of legal services, including:

  • Commercial and civil litigation management
  • Business formation and advice
  • Due diligence
  • Financial investment analysis
  • Contract review and development
  • Breach of contract
  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Shareholder disputes

With more than 43 years of industry experience, I am well prepared to handle business legal issues of any size or complexity. Our firm does not provide litigation services directly, but, for many clients, we provide highly effective litigation management, dispute resolution, litigation avoidance and litigation cost-control services. Relationships have been developed over the years with talented litigators in many areas of law who are available to clients when needed, and who have great track records of success.  Make no mistake, our goal is to avoid litigation if at all possible, but, if litigation is required, we will endeavor to provide you with talented lawyers to maximize a successful outcome.

Realizing your business dreams

A focus of my firm is helping clients start and grow their own businesses.we will review your business plans and advise on issues involved in business formation, expansion and maintenance, including potential liability, corporate entity formation and tax structures. Once your business has been established,we continue to help it grow by advising on litigation avoidance, insurance coverage, investment strategies and corporate compliance issues.Our firm also looks after your best interests by finding strategies to limitl liability and improve your bottom line.

Helping business owners move forward

The Hartmann Law Firm works closely with business owners to ensure businesses run smoothly. We often negotiate and draft contracts and buy-and-sell agreements, assist with corporate compliance measures and tax issues, and represent businesses in shareholder disputes and commercial litigation cases as litigation as a litigation manager. We believe we know how to best represent your financial interests, successfully resolving your issues in the boardroom or the courtroom.

Protect your business today.

The Hartmann Law Firm has the ability and experience to help your business succeed. Call The Hartmann Law Firm today at 209-992-3507 or click “contact us” to make contact by email.